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Drexel, MO 64742
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Why Call JEM ?

Tape Transcription
(ie: Depositions, Statements, etc)

Company Reports
(ie: Workers’ Comp Loss Control, etc)

Correspondence General Typing
Term Papers * Theses Resumes

(ie: Sales Training Manuals, etc)

The most obvious reason is efficiency. When you need something done fast and accurately and you don’t have the immediate staff to handle your delicate workload, call JEM ! Your job will be completed on time and in a professional manner.

Your secretary’s on vacation and an unexpected project has come up - don’t languish, call JEM. Whether you want the project done in rough draft form (with the text on disk to be finalized in your office when your secretary returns), or done in final form, it will be handled with speed and precision.

The phones are ringing off the hook and your receptionist can’t keep up with the extra work you have given him/her. Send it to JEM and it will be finished according to your specifications.

By using our services, you won’t be paying for the cost of expensive benefits - just the time it takes us to finish your project.

Still not convinced? Just put this url in your bookmarks listing for when you need that extra hand. It will be money well spent!

Over 20 years experience

Client Testimonials

Word Perfect
MS Word
Quicken,  Quickbooks
Scanner, Fax, Modem
HP LaserJet, Xerox Phaser 860


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