You never can know how many really great people, or at least interesting, people exist, but this will 'introduce' you to a few that made this nifty little spot possible.

'Gentle'--all right, so he's my stepdad too... anyways, he's the dude that helps fix my pages when they look like someone splattered them left and right. (I'm not much of a computer person, but he is, so he 'gets' to help) He has a page too (Gentle Ministries) so go check it out sometime when you have the time. Sorry, there's nothing about debate there.

Joy--and she's my mom. She's pretty awesome too, when she's not telling me to clean my room anyways. She helped me start off with all this and gave me the idea to start this thing. And she puts up with me when I lock myself up and spend hours working on this site. She understands though, cause she has a site. (we're one cyber family) Here's her link -- JEM . She also has another one WARMFUZZY'S.  You probably already saw JEM though cause she's the one being nice and hosting me.

Morrill--he's my coach and an all around cool guy (especially being an adult and all). He's a Diamond Key coach and has qualified kids to nationals in LD, FX, CX and Congress. He also coached the debate captain of the US World Debate team a few years ago. He coached in Kansas for several years before he came to my school, we like him here better though. I'm also proud to say, that thanks to him, our school hosts one of the only tournaments that runs on time on our local circuit and the biggest one that runs on time.

My debate kids--I'd name them all, but I really don't have the space or the time. These people are the best kind of novice you could ever meet. They are willing to learn, and learn well too. They went out with hearts of gold, and came back with medals of gold! They are more then just my debate kids, they are also great friends and are like family to me.

Mellissa D. Binde--She provided a whole lot of these backgrounds, with the exception of about four, they all came from her. She is a college student at Swartmore College. No one has any idea where she came up with the time to make all that nifty stuff and make good grades, but I'm glad she did. You can see her site too, Outside the Asylum.

Thanks to all the guys at CXl for helping me think of what all to put ON this site. Thanks to Steve Diverdi, Phile Kerpen, and Chris Smith.