Here's where I get to toot my own horn a bit and act like a regualar cartoon.

My name is Lisa, so if ya wanna say hi, that's it.

Ummm....I'm a second year debator and love extemp and CX (duh). This year I helped coach over 20 novice, becuase of that I've decided that I want to be a debate coach when I grow up. (Like I plan on growing up sometime) I really can't imagine life without debate. What else do people do with their weekends???? (GRIN)

I made this page cause too many people call theirs the best and have squat on it. It probably isn't really the ultimate, but it's certainly not all that bad. Steve (Steve Diverdi) has one that is probably a bit (Big BIT) better than this, but there are also a lot of other pages out there that don't have all that much stuff, so I made this one and the links are to some of the better pages I have seen, to save all you people a little work. (your welcome)

I also like poetry. If anyone else does, email me and I could give you a few places to get published. I have written about 200 poems, and I am working on the second book of a trilogy. Last year I began publishing my poetry, I have about 20 published so far. I'm a proffessional author (cause I got paid twice) so it really limits where you can go. *Hint: stay amatuer as long as you can!!

I've also spent a considerable amount of time looking into colleges. Again, if you need a few really nifty sites for colleges (like this place has a huge database with scholarships to look into: FinAid ) then go ahead and email me about that too, and I'll try and help ya out.

Hmm, well, until I have a brainstorm (that sounds painful, I'd probably hit myself with lightning or something stupid like that) and then write something else, that's about it. Hope this page is a help.

Oh yeah, go check out everyone else in the "about them" page to meet some other really awesome people that exist and you never even knew about!