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Molly Gordon, fiber artist, business and personal coach with over twenty years experience in business communications and administration plus ten years experience as a working artist.
(206) 842-1619 fax: (206) 780-3356,
Web site includes excerpts from the book, Authentic Promotion: Business Communications for Artists and Artisans and a workshop schedule.

Academy of Management : The Entrepreneurship Division focuses on issues related to creation and management of new businesses.

Biz Women : Offers women a place to discuss business issues with their peers and a lot more. Also offers woman-owned businesses the opportunity to create an online "business card" or "interactive brochure."

Business Opportunities Handbook :  Online

Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Inc.

Entrepreneur Magazine's Small Business Square: offers a wide variety of articles and information for the busy entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial Education Foundation : Premier FastTrac is a practical "how to", effective business development program for entrepreneurs. It is designed to assist entrepreneurs in getting their new ventures off to the right start or to quickly develop skills they need to grow their business.

Entreworld.Org : You need information to make sound business decisions. And so if you don't have a lot of time for frustrating searches, EntreWorld is for you. The Kauffman Foundation's editorial team constantly scours the Web--sifting, sorting and listing the best resources for entrepreneurs. And then we add even more.

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation--Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership -- Entrepreneur Training Institute : The Entrepreneur Training Institute focuses on the needs of adult entrepreneurs by providing education and training programs, developing and enhancing support systems that contribute to the success of entrepreneurs, and much more.

Foundation for Enterprise Development : The non-profit Foundation for Enterprise Development (FED) helps create highly productive, competitive enterprises worldwide throughout equity compensation, employee ownership and involvement, and other high performance business strategies.

Franchise Solutions Information Services:  offers the assistance of numerous high value services designed to assist potential franchise buyers and franchise companies in their search for additonal information about potential putchases.

The Morpo CyberCafe and Clambake

National Association for the Self-Employed : NASE keeps members informed about legislative activities, provides access to resources and specialists to answer questions, and much more.

National Federation of Independent Business

National Association of Women Business Owners - Kansas City Chapter:  NAWBO is an organization designed to attract, support and motivate all women business owners through dynamic programming, highly visible corporate partners, membership growth, financial strength and an enhanced professional image.

National Small Business United : an advocate for small businesses.  It keeps small-businesses
in touch with legislative & regulatory issues that affect them.

Small Business 2000:  is your weekly show on public television about entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The goal of the show is to help you to start your new business if you already have a business, find ideas that can help you grow.

Small Business Development Center

Small Business Resource - Partner Forum

Small Business Home

Women Business Net : Offers women a place to discuss business issues with their peers and a lot more.

Zip 2 : gives you a map and directions to any business location from your location

Women of diverse ethnicities are empowering themselves with entrepeneurship.  A new IBM-sponsored report shows that in the past decade their numbers have tripled.

Percent Change Among Minority Women-Owned Firms



% Increase

Asian/American Indian/ Alaska Native 128,600 305,700 137.7%
Black 172,200 405,200 135.3%
Hispanic 125,100 382,400 205.6%
Total U.S. minority women-owned businesses 422,500 1,067,000 152.6%
Total U.S. women-owned businesses 4,470,000 7,950,000 78.0%
Source:  "1996 Facts on Women-Owned Businesses: Trends Among Minority Women-Owned Business,: National Foundation for Women Business Owners.



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